The tighter the bend, the more important the know-how

About Lang Tube Tec

From pioneer in tube bending technology to market leader in complex bending cells

Unbeatable quality for complex tube bending machines: Lang Tube Tec develops and builds fully electric CNC tube bending machines for a wide range of applications — from the automotive and vehicle industry to aerospace technology and the offshore industry.

Our products

Fully electric mandrel bending machines

Our fully electric mandrel bending machines help you optimise your manufacturing process, facilitating environmentally friendly and efficient production. From project planning and layout creation to robot simulation and cycle time calculation and verification: we work with you to develop the optimum solution for each individual application.

3D software

Innovative simulation software

We have developed innovative simulation software that allows you to create bending programs offline on the PC, which can then be checked for bending characteristics and collision. With the help of this 3D software, it is significantly easier to design and plan a bending machine.

Our advantages

What we stand for

Complex tube geometries

With our bending machines, you can create bend radii < 0.8 x D, wall thickness tapers < 20 percent and ovality < 1 percent.

Reduced scrap rate

With the help of the 3D bending simulation software, you can check the bendability of a product in advance, which significantly reduces material consumption.

Higher productivity

The bending machines are easily integrated in the production process. This enables you to meet your production goals and achieve a rapid return on investment.

Reduced maintenance effort

Our bending machines are extremely low maintenance. Regardless of their location, they can be monitored and controlled remotely, and corrected if necessary.

High energy saving

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 65 percent compared to hydraulic systems by using our fully electric tube bending machines.

Comprehensive service

We provide you with full support: from the smallest spare part to machine surveys to retrofitting or integrating your existing machine into a production process.

A selection of our references

Lang Tube Tec services

Customised products for your specific application: together with our engineers, you will develop the optimal solution for manufacturing a bent component and integrating it in your production process.