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Your machine future has a home

At our Innovation Hub, we offer all the services required by your specific applications. From small spare parts to machine overhauls, and even the integration of your machine in a production cell. This means you can count on full productivity in the long term.

Together with Lang Tube Tec's technicians and engineers, you will implement the optimal solution for manufacturing a bent component and designing a future-proof production process. The sooner you take advantage of our expertise in the maintenance and long-term operation of your bending machines, the greater the potential benefits.

What we offer

Spare parts supply

We keep common spare parts in stock and maintain a close relationship with our suppliers. This allows us to drastically reduce downtime and other stoppages affecting our customers, enabling production or the assembly of new machines to be maintained.

In addition, thanks to our documentation of all the machines we have supplied going back many years, we can easily locate and install replacement components for discontinued parts or items that are no longer available.

Machine repair

Are your machines exhibiting a fault during production? In which case, our employees are just the right people for the job. Our many years of experience and extensive expertise enable us to quickly find and rectify any faults affecting your machines. 

Through targeted troubleshooting and repair, your machine can then be restored to full function and professionally reintegrated in the production process.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is extremely important, especially for bending machines used in complex manufacturing processes. We inspect your machines thoroughly and document this work using maintenance logs.

If repairs are necessary, to some extent these can be carried out immediately on site. This also allows the production process to be maintained. For essential repairs we will arrange a separate date to suit you.

Machine relocations

Do you want a quick and reliable way to move your tube bending machines to a new production location? Then get in touch! Our experienced staff understand what matters when relocating machinery.

Your machines will be fully available again in time for the start of production. We also take advantage of this opportunity to carry out preventive maintenance work at the same time. 

Machine overhaul

"Turn old into new" — that is the motto for our machine overhauls. Our staff will carry out this work either at your site or at our facilities. This involves taking care of a mechanical overhaul plus any repairs and offering our support as experienced consultants.

For example, we will evaluate the cost-effectiveness of upgrading an old machine control system to a more up-to-date type of machine. 

Upgrading control systems

Have our machines outlived the product life of their electronic components or is an existing machine to be equipped with a new operating system? For exactly these kinds of cases, we offer you control system upgrades as well as complete conversions.

These range from simply installing the new software to replacing the machine's entire control system, including control cabinet and operating panel. The advice we offer ensures a customised, future-oriented solution. 


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