Virtual support for greater efficiency

3D software

Innovative software for collision analysis of tube bending machines

The simulation software allows bending programs to be created offline on the PC and checked for bendability and collision.

By using a digital image of the bending machine, a wide variety of tube geometries can be tested, tool sets can be determined and cutting lengths can be calculated. The bending programs created can also be sent directly to the machine or read in there.

Efficient process — optimum quality

Optimising and enhancing your processes using the collision and simulation software

  • Creating the bending programm
  • Working out the bending tool design
  • Detecting collisions
  • No preliminary tests on bending machine necessary
  • Determining cycle time

In addition, the simulation helps save tubing material that is otherwise lost in the testing process. This responsible use of raw materials makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

A summary of the benefits

Less material used
Less scrap
Excellent flexibility
Offline programming


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