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The Ondomat 2.0 from the vertical bending series has a CNC axis, which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of different applications. In addition to single bends, the automatic tube and profile bending machine is capable of performing up to three bends in a single step, as well as processing several components simultaneously. The bending angle can always be programmed as required.

Applications: automotive, bicycle, electric, garden electrics, furniture and ladder producers

Ondomat 2.0


  • Multiple components bendable simultaneously
  • Bending angle freely programmable
  • CNC controlled
  • High machine rigidity for precise bends
  • Highest flexibility
  • Two bends with straight section in one stoke

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Together with engineers from the Lang Tube Tec Innovation Hub, you will implement the optimal solution for manufacturing a bent component and integrating it into your overall manufacturing process.