STRONG series

The "STRONG" series combines XXL machining and ease of operation with minimal space requirements. These machines feature an extremely robust design, which is ideal for processing particularly complex bent parts. This allows bends in the maximum pipe diameters for the relevant machine size to be produced on three planes with a bending radius of 1*D. The robust and flexible design also makes it easy to represent different bending radii and short clamping lengths.

Applications: aerospace, commercial vehicles, exhaust technology, axle and frame components, agricultural technology in "HS" design, shipbuilding, plant engineering, energy sector

Multi-radius bending machine 120CNC-EMR with graphic programming


  • Twelve electric servo axes
  • Extended useful length to 6 m – slim bending head
  • Simultaneous axes for vertical traverse

Maximum tube dimension: 120 x 4.0 mm
Maximum bending radius: 400 mm

Fully electric, precision power.

Multi-radius bending machine 160CNC-EMR with graphic programming


  • Thirteen electric servo axes
  • Bends with 1*D bending radius
  • Separate drive for bending template

Maximum tube dimension: 165 x 3.5 mm 
Maximum bending radius: 500 mm

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Standard series equipment

  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Laser scanner to protect the bending area
  • Foot pedal for safe start

Additional options
(depending on machine)

  • Push-down function via the transport carriage (booster)
  • Free-form bending option
  • Automatic minimum mandrel lubrication
  • smoothing
  • Programmable mandrel lifting device
  • Automatic clamping and counter-clamping jaw changer
  • Automatic multiple clamping jaw changer (max. 8-fold)
  • Quick-change system for bending mandrel
  • Wireless remote control with teach mode
  • Upgrade to manufacturing cell

Software options

  • Remote maintenance system
  • Bending simulation
  • Tube defect test during mandrel pulling
  • Connection to CAD system
  • Automatic conversion of binary coded 3D models
  • Connection to measuring machine with automatic bending data correction
  • Password security and user code

Technical data at glance

Machine typeMax. tube dimension at 400 N/mm²Max. tube dimension at 750 N/mm²Max. bending radiusBending direction
120CNC-E (MR)120 x 4.0 mm120 x 2.5 mm400 mmright or left
160CNC-E (MR)165 x 3.5 mm165 x 2.0 mm500 mmright or left

Data sheets for download

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