Ondomat 2.0 — new fully electric tube and profile bending machine for non-mandrel bending

With its “Ondomat 2.0” Lang Tube Tec, the quality manufacturer of tube bending machines, has brought a genuine innovation onto the market: this fully electric tube and profile bending machine for mandrelless bends is not only the company’s first machine in its “vertical bending direction” series.

The Ondomat 2.0 also features a CNC-controlled axis and is thus suitable for a broad range of usage purposes. As well as individual bends, this tube and profile bending machine can also perform up to three bends in a single step and process several different components at the same time. The bending angle is freely programmable.

For Björn Brunner, a project manager at Lang Tube Tec, the interests of the company’s customers were paramount throughout the development of this machine: “The nice thing about our Ondomat 2.0 is that the machine is highly customisable: it can be operated manually, subject to the necessary safety arrangements, but it also features an interface which enables it to be operated together with a cobot or as an entirely unmanned production cell. What is more, thanks to an extensive selection of modules we can precisely adapt the machine to the customer’s individual needs and thus directly meet their requirements.” 

Apart from its flexibility, the Ondomat 2.0 is also remarkable for its ease of use especially: the integrated Siemens “Simatic S7-1500” controller enables the entire set-up cycle to be completed automatically and also makes use of the machine intuitive. In addition, the space-saving design enables easy accessibility for servicing purposes. This tube and profile bending machine is also extremely robust and designed for a very long service life.

“We aim to make production processes considerably easier for customers who use our Ondomat 2.0,” says Björn Brunner. In this context, Lang Tube Tec’s team of experts paid particular attention during the machine’s design process to keeping the noise level when an Ondomat 2.0 is in operation as low as possible. The machine also cuts energy consumption by 65% and ensures a clean work environment without any oil leakage. It complies with all of the safety regulations on the market, in line with EN 60204, EN ISO 13855, EN 61496-1 and EN ISO 13850.

Lang Tube Tec receives ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management again
The renewed ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms the constant reliability and efficiency in all Lang Tube Tec's operations.
Lang Tube Tec strengthens Asian market presence
Lang Tube Tec expands its international relations and strengthens its presence in the Asian market. Specifically, this quality manufacturer of tube bending machines has signed a licensing agreement with Yiangyin Machine Building Inc., a Chinese manufacturer of hydraulic tube bending machines.