Dengler and Lang merge to form DenglerLang Tube Tec

Two strong brands under one roof: Dengler Tube Tec and Lang Tube Tec operate as two separate brands together under the umbrella of DenglerLang Tube Tec GmbH. The company was founded in 2018 in Witten in North Rhine-Westphalia following the merger of Dengler Tube Tec GmbH and Lang Tube Tec GmbH.

DenglerLang Tube Tec is considered the world's leading developer and manufacturer of CNC bending machines for the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, offshore, furniture and other sectors.

The merger of the two companies Dengler Tube Tec GmbH and Lang Tube Tec GmbH brought numerous advantages from which both brands have since benefited. For example, in addition to valuable synergies in the areas of purchasing, warehousing and shipping, both brands have since been able to pool their resources in a strategic manner for maximum efficacy. In addition, a joint skills centre was created at the Witten site for the mechanical and electrical development and design of bending machines. 

Ondomat 2.0 — new fully electric tube and profile bending machine for non-mandrel bending
With its “Ondomat 2.0” Lang Tube Tec, the quality manufacturer of tube bending machines, has brought a genuine innovation onto the market: this fully electric tube and profile bending machine for mandrelless bends is not only the company’s first machine in its “vertical bending direction” series.
Lang Tube Tec strengthens Asian market presence
Lang Tube Tec expands its international relations and strengthens its presence in the Asian market. Specifically, this quality manufacturer of tube bending machines has signed a licensing agreement with Yiangyin Machine Building Inc., a Chinese manufacturer of hydraulic tube bending machines.