Merging of Lang Tube Tec GmbH with Dengler Tube Tec GmbH to DengerLang Tube Tec GmbH 

To exploit synergies, Lang Tube Tec GmbH was merged with Dengler Tube Tec GmbH to form the new DenglerLang Tube Tec GmbH. Communication with the brands Lang Tube Tec and Dengler Tube Tec will continue.


Founding of Lang Tube Tec GmbH

In the course of the new founding of Lang Tube Tec, the company acquires the Lang brand as well as the technical know-how in the area of tube bending machines from the insolvent Lang Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG in Michelstadt and offers both the sale of new machines as well as services for clients of the insolvent company.


First fully electric bending machine for tubes up to 80mm ø

After the first fully electric bending machine for thin lines was already introduced to the market in 1987, a machine with 11 electrical axes for tubes up to a diameter of 80 mm now follows. This machine type becomes the showpiece model and has proven itself in particular at numerous automobile companies.


Breakthrough as system supplier in the US 

In a selection procedure by GM, Lang is selected as a system supplier out of 9 globally reputable bending machine manufacturers for fully automated bending cells in front of hydro-forming facilities. Aside from technology, quality and development capability, this is not least thanks to the commitment of the employees at all levels, from development and construction to the assembly to the service. Within three years, 6 bending cells with two to four machines each incl. magazine loading, tube feeding, welding seam detection, tube inspection, buffering and cell control were realized with Allen-Bradley. Numerous contracts by other customers from the same market segment follow.


Development of own CNC-control 

To complete the development capacity, the company develops its own control using standard components – an additional step towards service optimization on the path to being a system supplier for bending cells.


First fully electric bending machine for thin piping

As early as 1987, Lang builds the first machine without hydraulics, in which all axles are controlled with electrical servo drives. Here, too, the presentation at the Trade Fair in Hannover is an enormous success.


Multi-groove bending machine and automatic tool changer 

Delivery of the first bending machine as a multi-groove model to a shipyard. Thanks to the multi-groove tower tool, the number of tool changes can be minimized. For the further optimization of this equipment, the system is also equipped with an automatic tool changer.


First CNC controlled tube bending machines

The first CNC controlled tube bending machine from the Lang company is introduced at the EMO in Hannover. In cooperation with an external control manufacturer, a control mechanism that was perfectly adapted to the requirements of the bending technology was developed.


Steady growth

The company, originally founded as a small craftsman's business, has developed into a medium-sized company. The company building is continuously expanded. The construction of a manufacturing hall is soon followed by the addition of a large assembly hall.


Pioneer for tube bending machines

The tube bending machine, originally developed for internal use, is introduced to a larger audience for the first time at the Hannover Trade Fair in 1948 and immediately met with outstanding success.


Move to new company premises 

Shortly after moving to the new company premises in Michelstadt, the problems encountered while laying water tubes motivate Ludwig Lang to develop a tube bending device.


Company foundation 

In 1930, Ludwig Lang founds a heating installation company, Ludwig Lang GmbH.